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- Plastiri -

With fresh ingredients and homemade leaf opened by hand.

In beautiful and overgrown Karpenissi there is a family workshop by triantafilia Gourlioti - Karageorgiou. With respect to local recipes in the region, we make our pies with love, the traditional method of preparation, opening the package by hand. The products we choose are the finest! From herbs and fresh eggs to the traditional slice of our region and extra virgin olive oil, creating pies that smell nice with the traditional and healthy way ... Our vision is to evoke memories of grandma's cooking, from the good old days when everything was pure and pristine ....

The raw materials are the finest materials in the region. So the pies we have no trace of conservatives!
We grew up with the grandmother's recipes! So open the traditional sheet by hand with the traditional technique!
Pie, leek pie, pumpkin pie

Taste traditional accompanying our daily table, and all the festivities. Greek and traditional flavors. A balanced healthy diet and always a pleasant taste surprise!
Pies you can buy in large, medium and small dish. Fresh frozen in special containers for long journey.
We also manufacture small cheese pies

The most important ingredient for pies is our "love". It is made in such a way that you can prepare quickly, easily and enjoy combining the beautiful moments of your family, your friends or any event! The "Plastiri” is always ready to accept your orders and to prepare you the pie of your choice. You can still buy pies and sausages from the region, sweets, moonshine, and honey.
We also have a room with fireplace to enjoy your coffee and traditional sweets.

Plastiri, pies and traditional products
[ 2nd km Karpenisi Proussos
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